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Who We Are

Since 2016 Connection Silicon Valley (CSV) has focused on helping Canadian startups connect into the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem; gain quick, early traction in their business; and access global funding sources.

The Access to Global Capital (A2GC) Accelerator program is designed specifically to help Alberta startups navigate the extensive, and often ambiguous, early-stage ecosystem  towards their first institutional fundraise.

We are committed to connecting the Canadian startup ecosystem to Silicon Valley, and the world. 

We have run 16 accelerator programs, supported over 180 startups, made 1000's of connections, and engaged with 100's of founders, operators and executives as speakers, mentors and pitch support.


Why Join Us

Three big reasons why startups fail:

  • Gap in Foundational Knowledge - including a lack of understanding of key fundraising elements such as cap-tables and venture economics; in-depth market assessment and a growth mindset. 
  • Gap in Business Model - including unsatisfactory validation of problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and an unclear understanding of the target customer and consumer behavior patterns.
  • Gap in Execution - including rushing to raise without a strategy, minimal or no metrics including a clear plan to reach milestones and build traction, or the inability to identify business risks and/or de-risking them. 
Our mandate, mission, and program goals are to coach early-stage founders to understand, plan for, and execute in a manner that enables them to overcome these gaps and successfully raise investment to fuel their growth.

What We Do

Our curriculum-based virtual program helps companies from Pre-Seed to Series A navigate the best of Silicon Valley. Startups benefit from our unique network of influencers, investors, founders, corporate executives and mentors. 

Our signature A2GC program includes the following program features:

  • Phase 1: 10 foundational workshops that focuses on fundraising, market messaging, go-to-market, business strategy, sales & product-market fit
  • Phase 2: 1-1 coaching, mentorship, and execution sprints designed to provide rapid acceleration and investment readiness to qualifying startups. 

Together, this 6-month program, is an outcome driven sprint where entrepreneurs and startup teams leave well-positioned for a successful fundraise and future growth to their next inflection point.

10 Foundational Workshops

Startup Valuations
Business Model Canvas
Product-Market Fit 
Early-Stage Sales
Product-Market Fit
Customer Discovery
Competitive Analysis
Fundraising Strategy
Raising Capital & Venture Economics
Long-Term Planning & Execution

Meet our Cohort

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The applications are closed for the Fall 2021. Please check back for 2022. 
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Our Team


Joanne Fedeyko

CEO, Connection Silicon Valley


Joanne Fedeyko is the CEO of Connection Silicon Valley (CSV) and Founder of the Canadian Women’s Network (CWN). She has been offering programs and events that connect Canadian startups into Silicon Valley since 2014 -- first as Executive Director at the C100 Association, and now as CEO and Founder of Connection Silicon Valley and the Canadian Women’s Network.


Vineet Jain

Lead Mentor & Growth Strategist


Vineet is a serial entrepreneur & has coached & mentored over 30 startups and startup founders, providing early-stage venture development consulting services to over 10 Seed to Series A companies. A true believer in entrepreneurial karma - the more you pay back, the more you shall receive.


Anjali Gupta

Program Director, A2GC
Anjali Gupta is the Program Director for Access to Global Capital Program based in Edmonton &  has a strong passion to build a sustainable and strong entrepreneur ecosystem in Alberta. My mission is to ensure the accelerator program runs smoothly & all the resources are readily available. I believe being organized & automate tasks led to efficient work. 
“The Access to Global Capital program was critical to understanding the deep and nuanced process of how to successfully fundraise. It concretely set us up for success by actively making connections and introductions, and giving us truly useful opportunities to practice and hone our skills. The programming was well-rounded and helped us see a number of important aspects to startup capital raising, plus introduced us to a supportive network of fellow founders.” Lana Cuthbertson, CEO & Founder, Areto Labs
“I joined A2GC at an idea stage, and over 6months, I built, iterated and tested MVP, did market research, and customer discovery calls, built my team and got investors ready! I haven’t been a part of any other program that was so comprehensive, giving you actionable lessons and had such an amazing team of mentors, advisors, and enthusiastic cohort of founders! Thank you Joanne and VJ for being there one-on-one anytime I needed, and for a comprehensive program!” Miral Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO Atom Health
The Connection Silicon Valley program enabled us to accelerate our business in preparation for our next raise. We were able to complete critical customer discovery calls, refine our pitch deck and connect with experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors. The value of CSV is only starting to be realized for PulseMedica. Thank you for your support! Eric Martin, Chief Operating Officer, PulseMedica

A2GC Current Speakers

Allie Klun

Allie Klun

Head of Marketing & Platform @ Sierra Ventures


Allie works with entrepreneurs and investors to define and execute on their business visions in a way that is sustainable for the health of the company, the founders, and the employees.

Sam Wong

Sam Wong

Fundable Startups, a CEO coach & advisor


Sam is the author of 21 Secrets of Successful Startups.  He help entrepreneurs with execution, fundability, fundraising, strategy, product/market fit, product management, finance, operations, legal, talent development and founder wellness.


Dave Parker

Managing Partner, DKParker, LLC


Dave is a 5X founder and has been part of 11 transactions, as founder, operator, board member, and advisor. His primary time is spent helping founders scale their companies for growth and exit. 


Joshua Maher

Founding Partner, Maher Capital


Josh is a best selling author and investor. He is a storyteller focusing on the meaning of innovation and the humans that create. One of his recent books Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups

A2GC Past Speakers

Allie Klun

Allie Klun

Head of Marketing & Platform @ Sierra Ventures


Allie works with entrepreneurs and investors to define and execute on their business visions in a way that is sustainable for the health of the company, the founders, and the employees.

Karan Mehandru

Karan Mehandru

Managing Director and Head of Venture Capital @ STEADFAST


Karan is a part General Partner at Trinity Ventures with investments in early stage SaaS startups. Karan's is an investor and Board Member at a long list of startups including WealthSimple, Zapier, Lucid, Outreach and many more.

meredith powell

Meredith Powell

Venture Partner @ Voyager Capital


Voyager Capital is a leading Pacific Northwest venture firm providing entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and connections to build successful technology companies. 

Check back to preview our upcoming program speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to do to attend? 
    The applications are closed for Fall-2021. Check back again for the next year 2022 later. You will be selected for an interview with our selection committee that consists of successful entrepreneurs, investors, coaches and business partners. 
  2. Is my startup too early to qualify? 
    We ask that startups have considerable problem-solution fit, and a fair understanding of the target market and intended customer. Startups that have a product in the market, early-adopters, and market traction will be given priority. However this does not apply to startups in life sciences, healthcare, and other science-heavy industries where a market-ready product requires significant resources and investment. 
  3. Is my startup too advanced for Phase-1?
    Absolutely not! Our 10-workshop series is of value to first-time founders as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. If your startup is struggling in some areas or found traction quickly, there are always gaps that need to be identified and addressed before a successful raise can happen and next key milestones achieved. 
  4. What outcomes can I expect from this program?
    - A clearly articulated business plan in the form of a well structured pitch deck. 
    - A crisp, tangible, validated value proposition.
    - A clear understanding of the intended customer and a target market of focus. 
    - Lastly, but most importantly, a well-thought out GTM strategy for execution
    In other words, startups are trained to identify gaps and risks within their business, and are coached towards lean de-risking activities that gain investor confidence. 
  5. What deadlines do I need to keep in mind?
    Application open: until September 30th
    A2GC Phase-1: October 4th to December 15th 
    A2GC Phase-2: January 7th to March 30th
  6. What time commitment does this program require? 
    Phase 1 requires attendance in our 90-minutes in-class workshops per week, followed by 2-4 hours of work for deliverables. There is an optional, but recommended, Office Hours offering each week. Phase 2 is extremely hands-on and will require a significant commitment - at least 20 hours/week from your team. The good news is that all of these activities are for the benefit and advancement of the startup. 
  7. Is there any cost for the A2GC Phase-1? 
    Yes, Phase 1 program's fee is $500.00 USD per startup.
    Phase 2 program's fee is $1,500 USD per startup. 
    CSV does not take any equity in the startups accepted into our program. 
  8. Can I apply directly for Phase 2?
    In special cases, we will allow startups to skip Phase 1 and jump directly to Phase 2. We may also invite some startups to join the cohort in Phase 2.
  9. Can my Co-Founder and other C-suite teammates join?
    Yes, for Phase 1 we allow up to 3 members from your company to join. Our experience tells us that team members respect the founding team more when they appreciate the challenges that they face in execution, and vice versa.
  10. Are there any information sessions to provide more details on the program?
    Yes, we have scheduled two information sessions in the month of September. The dates are: Sept 8th at 4PM MST or Sept 14th at 9AM MST

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Alberta Innovates: Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest research & innovation agency. They are Alberta’s innovation engine. 

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